How to Hygge in Winter

How to Hygge in Winter

Winter can be tough. The nights are long, the days are gray and here in Kansas it gets pretty stupid cold. After the holidays, many of us find ourselves hunkered down trying to fight depression and bare life until spring comes. For me, during the cold months, hygge is my happy.

We have a lot to learn from the Danes. Despite the generally dreary, cold, dark weather in Denmark, the people there are consistently rated among the happiest in the world. They’ve figured out how to be truly content, and it is so ingrained in their culture it is often compared to how American’s talk about freedom.

So how do they have a hyggeligt life? Here are some hygge basics to help get you through the winter:

Light a Fire

Before you read any further, get up and go light a candle. Go on. Right now. Do it…I’ll wait…
Fire, or “living light,” is an essential part of hygge – year round but especially in the winter. Candles literally bring fire and warmth into the home, lending a sense of coziness, peace and belonging. Winter can feel desolate, but fire is exciting and alive. If your fortunate to have a fireplace, that’s even better. Do both!

Wear Socks

Especially big, warm fuzzy ones. Keeping your feet warm is good for your circulation and provides a great foundation for your day. Avoid walking around the house barefoot. If you can, splurge for a pair of good, wool socks. Its totally worth it and they’ll last you several seasons. These are some of my favs and they come in tons of color options: Pack of 5 Womens Vintage Style Cotton Knitting Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks*

Use Blankets

When you’re home on the couch, pull a blanket on. It’s not just about staying warm, but it will lend a sense of grounding. I like my throws to be a little heavier than most, like my own little hug. You can even use weighted blankets, that are proven to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. For me, I just use my overweight pit bull who functions a lot like a paperweight on top of my throw. She gets me. If you don’t have a pit bull, I highly suggest this shaggy faux fur throw. Its very hyggeligt: Chanasya Super Soft Long Shaggy Chic Fuzzy Faux Fur With Fluffy Sherpa Throw Blanket*

Sip Warm Drinks

From tea to hot cocoa to your favorite latte…these are all very hygge. Mix things up and try a new flavor – savor it. Even better, enjoy your warm drink with a friend and support local business. Teas that include spices such as ginger and cinnamon are extra warming and also great for your gut health. For having tea at home, Tazo Tea is where it’s at, IMHO: Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger Tea, 20 ct*

Gather With Friends

When its dark by 5:30, it can be tough to motivate and be social. Fight the urge to recluse and make intentional time to hang with friends. Invite people over for dinner (in your super hyggeligt home) or enjoy a night out exploring together. It is no wonder depression rates spike in the winter. We are creatures of community and we need each other. Companionship is good for the soul.

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