How To Feel Pretty In Sweatpants

howtofeelprettyinsweatpantsNo-bra Saturday. The absolute freaking best. About once a month, we have a Saturday with no plans. It’s a relax around the house in our comfies, no make-up, catch up on laundry and bake something kind of day. But, you know what makes it even better? Feeling pretty. Whether you’ve got a hubby and a house full of kids, or its just you and the dog, everyone woman feels better when they feel pretty. So cheers to your day off and no one judging you for your mimosa and pancakes with a little extra butter. Go be fab and feel fab with these go-to staples for feeling pretty in sweatpants:

  • Wash and moisturize your face, first thing. Keeping your skin clean and moisturized will give you a clear glow even with no make up on.
  • Paint your nails. Whether you pay someone to do them for you, or paint them yourself, having color on your nails feels feminine and finished. In the the winter, its easy to forget about and neglect your feet. Don’t! Give them moisture and keep a little polish on. Your psyche will thank you.
  • Dry shampoo. My very best friend, because we all know a shower is not happening on no-bra Saturday. Spray a shameless amount on your roots and let it sit while you’re washing your face. Rustle through with your fingers, give that mane a brush and tah-dah…all “clean.”
  • Comfy does not mean frumpy. Ok, hear me out. No none feels pretty when they feel sloppy. Get rid of your patterned fleece pants from Old Navy 2006 (your significant other will thank you), and pick comfortable clothes you feel good in. Honor your style, even on your off days. For me, its usually leggings and an oversize sweater or t-shirt with my favorite cardigan.
  • Throw in some earrings. I’m talking your most basic, stud earrings that you don’t even feel when they’re in. Again, feminine and finished. It takes less than 10 seconds.
  • Put on some lotion. Soft skin that smells good makes any day more enjoyable. Find a scent you love that sticks with you for a while.
  • Tiny bit of mascara and lip gloss. This is what helps me avoid the “Yeesh,” when I pass by the mirror on no-bra Saturday. Nothing crazy, just a little mascara on the top lashes and a quick bit of your favorite lip gloss.
  • Self Care. This is the single most important thing on this list. Your wrinkles are charming, your stretch marks are a blessing and you are enough. Taking time for yourself is not selfish. Know your body and appreciate the beautiful things it is capable of. Eat healthy food, take a hot bath with your favorite book and appreciate your own unique beauty. And for Christ’s sake, cut yourself some slack!



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