alpacasHello. I’m Jen. I’m a 30-something deep thinking millennial that loves family, friends, animals, good food, champagne and all things purple. I’m married to a witty, hard working, hilarious man who is my polar opposite, and happens to be my soul mate. We raise alpacas, chickens and four humongous dogs. No kids, just us. This life is crazy, good and hard but most of all, it is enough. 

Let’s be honest, most of us are never going to be a badass travel blogger, design our own million dollar home or look like Meghan Markle (gawd its so unfair), but that does not mean this life isn’t awesome and beautiful and significant. ​The quiet charm in the midst of our ordinary is real, its wonderful and its waiting to be noticed. It is hygge. 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish word that encompasses the overall feeling and contentment that happens by slowing down and truly taking in a moment. We don’t have an English word that accurately translates hygge, and it has become such an integral part of Danish life that even the Danes have a hard time explaining it. It generally includes a feeling of warmth, joy and contentment created in intentional, intimate moments throughout the day. It can be in a room full of people, or alone in your car. It can be in an extraordinary place or right in your own living room. Wherever it is and whoever you’re with, hygge is the cozy, charming goodness that can be found in the pause of life’s crazy.

You’ve felt it before. I know you have. Maybe it was with a cup coffee and your favorite sweater on a cold winter day. Maybe it was spending time with friends over a home cooked dinner, good music and conversation. Maybe you’ve experienced hygge in nature, or even snuggled up next to a sick kid with the smell of Vick’s vapor rub and bowl of chicken noodle soup. Hygge is not something you can buy, eat or self-help your way to. It is something  you find and feel by slowing down in the every day, ordinary hustle. The breath in the middle of the bullshit.

Hopefully this blog will help you find joy and hygge. At the very least, you’ll have a new excuse to buy more fresh flowers, pile on new throw pillows and eat more baked goods. And for that, you’re welcome. Happy reading, friends.